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We all know that it makes sense to check that we are getting the best deal when it comes to choosing our utility providers.


However, we do not all have the time, inclination or know how to do this.


That is where we can help.


What we can offer, is a totally free service, where we look at what your current provider offers you and compare it to what you would receive if you transferred your services over to the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.


This would all be from the comfort of your own home, we can visit, or do it all over the phone and internet.


By joining the Club, you can group all of your services with one provider, the more services you add, the more money you save and the easier your life becomes, with only one company to deal with.


In addition to that, you would have us to guide you through the very simple switching process and to be on hand should you have any queries or need any practical help.


Not everything is about the price though, good quality service and excellent Customer Service are paramount too.


With the Utility Warehouse, you can have peace of mind, as they have received a myriad of awards and endorsements over the years from consumer magazines ‘Which?’ and ‘Moneywise’. To find out more about our endorsements click here.


In a 2017 Customer Satisfaction Survey of nearly 9,000 UK Energy consumers, Utility Warehouse was ranked first, their nearest competitor, coming in at 22nd!


In 2018 they won the Which? ‘Best Utility Provider’ award and in 2020 Which? 'Utilities Brand of the Year' a huge endorsement of the quality we offer.


The Utility Warehouse Discount Club is operated by Telecom Plus PLC, a major British Company, listed on the London Stock Exchange.


So what are the services they provide?


As well as 100% renewable energy, they also provide Home Phone and Superfast Broadband, including fibre to premises in some parts of the country. Two sim only deals, a £10 one for low users and  an unlimited everything sim for £20, with the option to add up to three additional UL sims for £10 each. House and Contents insurance and boiler and homecare insurance are also available.


In addition to that, Utility Warehouse offers an amazing Cashback card, by using it for your everyday shopping, you will see even more savings on your monthly utility bill.


If you choose to take the Cashback card, you will get a Gourmet Society card free, saving you money on your restaurant bills, and days out.

To see how much you could save, click here to take the CashBack challenge

Utility Warehouse also GIVE you and fit for FREE, new technology L.E.D light bulbs for the whole house, these will cut your electricity use by 15%.

To help you keep track of your energy usage, a smart is fitted for free and £50 credited to your account!


You may not have heard of the Utility Warehouse, that would be because, as a company, they do not spend millions on advertising, but rely on ‘word of mouth’, that is how they have grown immensely over the last 20 years. If you like something, you tell your friends about it!

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