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Meet Simon

I spent 5 years of my life working in the Royal Navy and was called to action during the Falklands War.

After that I transferred one uniform for another and enlisted as a fireman, fighting a different kind of fire.


After 3 years in that role, I wanted to make a difference to people’s lives, but in a more constructive way, I have been running my own building company now for 30 years.


Whilst that has given me an immense sense of satisfaction, it has taken its toll on my body, I needed a plan B.


I have been working alongside Sue as an Independent Distributor for the Utility Warehouse since 2013 and get great satisfaction now, from helping people to cut the cost of their utility bills and show others how they can add an extra income stream to their lives.


I am looking forward to giving up my building business by the end of 2018.

I spent the first 7 years of my working life as a primary school teacher, taking a break then to have my 2 boys who are now in their early 20s.


Whilst I was at home being a mum, I realised that teaching was not for me anymore and I took 4 years to retrain as a Chiropractor, I have been doing this now since 2003.


Whilst I love my career and get a real kick out of taking people from a place of pain and reduced mobility to no pain and an improved quality of life, the physical nature of the job has begun to take its toll on my body!


I needed a plan B, one that would help pay the bills as well as fulfil my desire to help people.


I have been working alongside Simon as an Independent Distributor with the Utility Warehouse since 2013.


Now I help relieve people of pain in more ways than one and will soon be able to reduce my hours as a chiropractor.

Perhaps you need a plan B?

We have not looked back, taking up this business has given us the opportunity to make a real change in our lives, so whether you are looking to make that change, or simply need a little more money coming into the household each month, maybe this could work for you.

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