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Our Journey to Date

So, here we are, Simon and Sue Hollingshead, entering the world of Blogging for the very first time!

We thought we should start with our journey to this point as it may resonate with some of you.

Top Utility Solutions Ltd is our brand new company, but we started this particular journey nearly 5 years ago when Simon was convalescing.

He had been in hospital for 5 days after collapsing whilst on a walk with family in the picturesque county of Dorset.

It turns out that he had been suffering with a Duodenal ulcer which had caused internal bleeding, we believe this had been caused because he had been taking a prescribed,

anti-inflammatory drug, for back pain, which had caused an erosion of the gut wall, not at all pleasant!

The long and short of it was, he was unable to work for several weeks, being a self employed builder, this meant no money coming in, so things were tight for a while.

However, a lady came along to our house to see if she could save us any money on our household bills. She didn't just approach us randomly, my parents had given her our details, as they were very pleased with the savings she had shown them.

After showing us that we too could save money, she then told us how she got paid and wondered if it would be of interest to us, or anyone we knew.

Given our current predicament, this seemed like a much less stressful and physically demanding way to earn a living, so we took the plunge and joined up with the company, which was the Utility Warehouse Discount Club.

We now show as many people as we can, how they can save money on their everyday household bills and we love it, because we have the backing of an award winning company with over 600,000 happy customers.

We liked the idea of personalising our business and so launched

'Simon and Sue Saving You Money'

We did this to appeal to people in our local area, to give the impression of a friendly, approachable company, the kind of people you would be happy to invite into your home!

We loved the new image and our business continued to grow.

We didn't stop there though, whilst the Utility Warehouse was great in the domestic market and for small businesses, it wasn't able to look at larger businesses.

We were introduced to another company called Power Solutions, who could go out to the whole of the energy market for any sized business. We became affiliates, with the company and as a result, have been able to save several companies, thousands of pounds already.

We have also begun to collaborate with a couple of businesses who can provide other services for our business clients, such as telecommunications, water and merchant services.

So now we were in a position to offer a whole array of services to both the domestic and commercial market.

At this point, we decided another change to our name was required, something that sounded more professional and would hopefully appeal to all of the kind of clients we were trying to attract.

After much thought and plenty of input from friends and professionals, we plumped on Top Utility Solutions Ltd.

This is our story so far, but it will not stop here, so watch this space!

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