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The Business Opportunity

In our first Blog, I explained how and why we came into this business, showing people the savings available to them for both their home and their business.

I want to spend a little time now, explaining how this is changing our lives and opening up opportunities to us, that anyone from any walk of life could have too.

Sitting here tapping away at the computer, occasionally glancing out of the window and watching the leaves fall from the trees, I am saddened slightly, as I am each year, by the departure of Summer.

We both love the Summer months, we love the sun, those long days and the sense of relaxation that comes with it, I think it is because it makes us remember holidays.

We did rather well this year as far as holidays are concerned, as we qualified for a luxury 6* Mediteranean cruise.

We were thoroughly spoiled, it was certainly very sumptuous, we wanted for nothing, with our own butler providing us with anything we needed at anytime.

The champagne flowed, the food was exquisite, the service impeccable and with less than 400 passengers, it felt very exclusive indeed.

We spoke to lots of people, we made lots of appointments and we made a lot of people very happy, by saving them hundreds of pounds off their utility bills.

We did all of this, whilst still working on our other jobs and yes it was hard at times, going out on a Winter night after a hard day at work, but believe me, it was completely worth all that effort.

We had the most amazing time and we networked with other equally motivated people, who like us, want to get a bit more out of life.

One of the things that makes our job easier, is knowing that we are involved with a company who consistently get accolades from the consumer magazine 'Which'.

Whilst on board, we had the opportunity to hold the latest award of 'Utilities Brand of the Year'.

As well as the cruise, we have qualified for a luxury spa weekend and we are working hard now to get a £500 Fortnum and Mason Christmas hamper and also to qualify for the next holiday, which is to Peru!

Having had a taster, we are even more motivated to make sure we don't miss out!

All of these things though, are the frills!

The reason we joined this business, was to replace the income that we currently have to earn through physical effort and to give us an income, even when we are on holiday.

Being self- employed, when we take a holiday, we don't get paid!

The residual income we receive from our Utility Warehouse business, pays the bills, while we lie on the beach!

Not bad for a part time job!

If any of this appeals to you, please, please do get in touch, we would love to share our experience with you and show you how to build an amazing part time business of your own, giving you time freedom and an extra income, that your familiy can inherit.

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