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Festive Cheer

According to the Independant Newspaper, the combined cost of presents, food, drink and travel mean a typical adult will need at least 14 weeks to pay off credit cards and loans after the Christmas spend.

The charity National Debtline estimates that 7.9 million people will fall behind with their finances as a result of their spending over the Christmas period.

Not a cheery way to start a festive blog!

However, something that we need to consider before getting the credit card out this year!

Why do we do it?

Love, guilt, peer pressure, keeping up with the Joneses, wanting to give our children the things we never had?

There are some very persuasive adverts on the television and on bill boards, we don't like to deny our loved ones these beautiful gifts.

But do we really need to spend so much?

If you have the time, why not consider making gifts?

A great thing to get the kids involved in, they will have wonderful memories of the fun creating those special presents which will mean so much more than anything shop bought, because they were created with love and thought.

So from baking to bath bombs, preserves to planters and candles to chocolates, why not have a go?

Here are some helpful links.

Of course the most important thing about Christmas should be spending time and having fun with our loved ones.

How much more memorable a Christmas will it be, if you have played games, been for walks enjoying the beauty of the countryside, built dens, or gone on a treasure hunt.

Of course we do need to spend some money over the festive period, so it helps if we can be savvy about it.

Firstly, stick to a budget, agree with family that you will have a minimum spend.

Don't over buy food, we don't need it and what a waste when it has to be thrown out, not great for the environment either.

Be a voucher hunter and use cash back sites.

Here are my favourites.

Whilst on the subject of cashback, if you don't have this little beauty, then it is a must have this Christmas.

The Utility Warehouse cashback card is a pre-paid card that you can use anywhere and you will receive a minimum of 1% of the value of your purchases in cashback off your Utility Warehouse utility bill.

It offers so much more than that though, as many high street shops offer between 3-9% cashback. Some of your favourites, like M&S, Argos, Boots, B&Q, Debenhams, Pizza Express and Ernest Jones. There are over 50 high street shops, but there are also over 2,000 on-line retailers who offer up to 20% cashback.

Many of our Utility Warehouse customers save hundreds of

£££s each year, just for doing their everyday shopping.

From fuel to flights, groceries to gifts and hotels to home and garden.

Why not find out how much you could save by doing the cashback challenge?

So all it remains for me to do now, is to wish you all a wonderful time this Christmas and hope that 2019 brings you good health, wealth and lots of fun!

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