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Seasons Greetings

It has been a very succesful year for us at Top Utility Solutions.

Our affiliation with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club has meant that we have been able to help over 200 customers to cut the cost of their utility bills. Not only have we been able to provide them with excellent quality services, we have helped them save money on their everyday shopping as well, with the excellent Cash Card, earning a minimum of 1% and up to 10% of the value of your purchases, basically, they are giving you free money for just doing your shopping, what's not to like?

The Utility Warehouse now also provide a boiler and homecare insurance, which as well as covering the cost of your annual boiler service, covers your plumbing, your locks and your electrics, it even covers you for an infestation of pests and gives you an additional 10% off the cost of your gas bill.

This year, 13 small energy companies have gone into receivership, leaving their customers not knowing what to expect, this is because they have been unable to sustain the low prices they have offered.

Rest assured, this will not happen with the Utility Warehouse, which as a company has grown by 30% on last year, at the same time as dropping their gas prices twice.

To maintain the great quality Customer Service, they have taken on 50 more staff at Head Office too.

They have now fitted over 4.5 million LED light bulbs completely free of charge, cutting customer electricity usage by 15% and so reducing their carbon footprint.

Earlier in the year we were able to pick up our brand new BMW mini.

This was a very proud moment and was as a result of all of our hard work over the last few years. This is a reward option you can take when you get to a certain level in the business, a great way to promote our business.

As well as this, we qualified to take out the Company Porsche for a month, we will do this next September and take it for a long drive along the Italian coastline.

Other goodies we have earned this year are 6 days in Cyprus, 10 days in India and a trip to the Epsom Derby, all of which we will do next year. We also qualified for a £500 Fortnum and Mason hamper again this year, this will be delivered very soon.

Whilst we have been Partners with the Utility Warehouse for 6 years now, the business has made alot of changes in that time, which means that it is now much easier to achieve some of these rewards.

Who do you know who would like these kind of rewards as well as builing a passive income by doing a part time job?

Just by showing your friends, family, collegues and other contacts how they could save money on their bills, you could be building a fabulous business.

You would receive free training, on-going support and mentoring, so that you can make some serious changes to your life, or just earn a few hundred pounds extra each month, the choice is yours, it is up to you how much you do.

Whatever you are up to this Christmas, we wish you a very merry one.

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