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Dreams vs Goals

What is the difference between a dream and a goal?

Are dreams the same as 'daydreaming'.

We consider daydreaming as being a waste of time, thinking about things we will never be able to have in a million years. Things we would love to have, but will never be within our reach. Things we could acheive if only we could win the lottery, or inherit a fortune from the death of a long lost auntie we never knew we had!

Dreams are things we have when we sleep, so they are not real, just fantasy, pie in the sky, fairytale right?!

We all have them though, whilst we sleep and whilst we are awake, seeing those people in the glossy magazines or on the television who appear to have everything.

We look on in envy, always thinking that that is the life other people have, the lucky ones, not me.

Why can some people have those things and not others?

It comes down to goal setting and mindset.

You need the dreams to focus the mind, they can be big or small, as long as you make them real by imagining yourself there, smelling, feeling, tasting, hearing them, feeling the emotion.

When you have that fixed in your mind, you then have to figure out how you will realise those dreams, that is where goal setting comes in.

Put a date on when you will acheive the dream and then work backwards, creating a series of goals that will get you there, breaking it down into acheivable bite size peices.

Put a plan together, but be prepared to adjust it as you go along. Stuff happens unexpectedly, curve balls, windfalls, opportunities and we need to be able to accomodate them as we go along, so that they do not derail us.

We need to embrace the energy that a powerful, positive mindset gives us, but where do we get this from?

Spend time with with positive, succesful people, stay away from negative people and avoid all the negativity that bombards us from the media.

Read, read and read personal development books, there are hundreds out there. Ten pages a day, what's that, 15 minutes of your time? That's all it takes, but boy what a difference it will make to get you to your dreams. Why would you not do that, invest in yourself, your future, your dreams?

I was one of those daydreamers, still am big time, but now I am working towards them instead of just fantasising about them.

What changed?

I got involved with the Utility Warehouse that's what.

That decision changed the course of my future, I am doing things now, that I would never have imagined myself capable of, but that's a whole other blog!

If you are reading this now, what will it take for you to change your mindest and work on acheiving those dreams?

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