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A year to remember or forget?

Well we didn't see this coming did we?

All those months ago, when we were watching the news about Covid 19 in China, how many of us expected that the year would unfold as it has done?

Lockdown, like something from a Sci-Fi novel, leaving us in a state of denial, disbelief and distress. We saw panic buying resulting in empty shelves in the supermarkets. As a rational human being, I could not understand this, but really it is just human nature, we don't understand the situation we find ourselves in, so we do what we can to prepare, just in case, perhaps no different from the squirrel burying acorns in the autumn, preparing for the hard times that winter will bring.

For many, lockdown was an extended holiday. Furlough meant they were still receiving an income, albeit a smaller one, but hey, they couldn't go anywhere to spend money, so got by.

It gave people the opportunity to re-connect with their close family, real quality time, time to restore, recover, bake lots of cakes, tidy all the cupboards, complete jigsaws and work on their fitness.

It was a different story for many though, sadly there were more than 40,000 calls to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline in the first three months of lockdown.

For those of us who are self employed, whilst government support was available to many of us, so many slipped through the net and dreams drifted away as businesses had to fold.

Tragically too, many, many thousands lost their lives, leaving huge holes behind in the lives of their family. Words cannot express our dispair, distress and heartfelt sorrow for those who are going through this.

Our students both at university and school, have suffered too, missing out on what shoud be a joyous, exciting and vibrant time in their lives. let us hope that this does not have a lasting effect on their development as we go forward.

When I started writing this blog, I had not intended to dwell on the effects of Covid 19, not wanting to give it the air time and I apologise if it has been a dour read so far, because great things have happened too.

We have had to be creative, to reinvent ourselves and certainly think outside the box, how many of us had even heard of Zoom, let alone used it before this pandemic?

Now we can keep in touch with colleagues, businesses, family and friends, all within the comfort of our own home and whilst still in our pyjamas!

I personally have not missed the early morning starts, scraping the ice off my car, or the weekly ironing!

Some of us have had the time and headspace to consider the way our life is going and to make changes to our lifestyles to the benefit of all around us.

I would like to think that the majority of us have taken stock and considered what is really important.

We have seen a real community spirit and selfless support from some ordinary people, making them in reality extraordinary!

Of course our wonderful NHS and support services have gone above and beyond during this time, how lucky we are to have them.

As is always the case in troubled times, some businesses have thrived, because their products and services are essential to the current climate.

I know when I have spoken to some of these people, they almost feel guilty that they are prospering, but they shouldn't, this is the way of things, the circle of life!

For Top Utility Solutions, it hasn't been easy, our business thrives on face to face meetings, the very essence of our company is to build rapport and trust and to offer that personal service. We love to be out and about, talking to people on the street, supporting local village shows and offering that practical help where needed by our elderly customers.

Thankfully, our affiliation with the Utility Warehouse has meant that we have been able to continue, we can work remotely, offering guidance and support.

The Utility Warehouse is one of those businesses that grows during a recession, it provides the services we all use daily, at really competitive rates and the simplicity of having everything on one bill.

This year, they were awarded Utilities Brand of the Year by Which?

They have been working on reducing the company carbon footprint, by providing 100% Green Energy and planting a tree for each qualifying customer, creating their own forest in the Brecon Beacons. As well as installing millions of free LED light bulbs and fitting new generation smart meters.

They are now also able to provide FTTP fibre to the premises in some areas and this will increase to more areas over the next year.

In January of 2021 they are rolling out a fantastic sim deal of unlimited everything for only £20 and what makes it an even better deal, is that you can have up to 3 more UL everything sims at only £10 each.

The Spring will see 5G being rolled out too!

Our personal acheivements this year have seen us qualify for a virtual cocktail party, which was great fun, we received a box full of spirits, mixers and all the trimmings to create amazing cocktails via Zoom! Sadly the holidays we qualified for to Cyprus and India and a day at Epsom, all had to be postponed, fingers crossed we can take them next year.

Our Team has grown and we have been proud to support the new partners in our business with regular Zoom calls.

It has been a real pleasure to show others the power of a residual income, a lifeline in times like these.

Do a job once and get paid for it every month.

Who do you know that would appreciate that right now?

This brings me now to the end of my blog and it only leaves me to wish you all a very Merry Christmas albeit a socially distanced one!!

2021 here we come!

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