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Are you a busy person for whom time is a precious commodity?

Have you had yet another price hike from your current utility provider?

Are you confused by the various Compare websites and just want some honest, straight-forward advice?

Would you like to hear how your everyday shopping could help you cut the cost of your utility bills?

If you answered YES to any of the above, click here to find out more.


Are you too busy with the everyday tasks of running your business to spend time finding a better deal for your energy?

Are you bombarded with cold calls promising to beat your current energy costs?

Do you like the sound of having a trustworthy, personal advisor who can provide you with the best deal year on year?

If you answered YES to any of the above, click here to learn more.

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Case Studies

Some of the people we have helped

A large hotel in Hereford, using 1.6 million kilowatts of energy per year.

We managed to save them £7,000 a year, beating what their existing broker had found them by £2,000. With our free service, we were able to do everything, the customer only had to provide us with a copy of their latest bill, we did the rest!

A busy farming family, with different members of the family living on separate parts of the farm.

One member saved nearly £1,800 and was so delighted, he told his brother. It took his brother 3 months before he asked us in to look at his bills, we could save him nearly £1,400 on his household bills and another £300 on energy for the farm, he was cursing himself that he had waited so long!

An elderly couple, where the husband is disabled and his wife is his carer. He always sorted out the bills, when he could no longer do this, his wife had to take over, she found the whole thing, somewhat stressful. After popping a leaflet about our services through her door, she put her trust into us and has paised the day she met us ever since. Not only did we save them a lot of money, she loved the idea of having everything on one bill and having someone local to talk to should she have any questions or problems. We have now become good friends, we walk their dog every weekend, pop around for coffee or Sunday lunch and generally offer help and supoport wherever we can. Not the kind of service you get from the usual faceless suppliers!

A small business in Malvern, heard about our service through one of our Networking groups. The business owner asked for an appointment, we took a look at all of his utility bills and within 24 hours we cut his annual cost by 50%.

He subsequently asked us to set up a 5 year fixed deal, which gives him peace of mind and he can budget his costs for the next 5 years.

An elderly lady, living in a retirement flat. In actual fact, we could realistically only save her about £70 annually. However because she very much liked the idea of having everything on one bill, making life easier, she signed up for all of the services. The cherry on the cake was the amazing cashcard, which continues to save her money on her utility bill everytime she shops.


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